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  Time error

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Raised 2014/04/10 09:30
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'Meghan Hudson'

   Anonymous User
   2014/04/10 09:30

Hello. After seeing you support MythTV on BastionLinux13 - I've downloaded this image and installed it on a 4GB Sdcard. After accepting license etc - i'm stopping at time settings - carse I'm getting the error - could not set time constantly. Both by using or manually setting the time - I'm getting the same error no matter what - So what to do becarse I cannot complete the setup - since I constantly getting the error - Failed to set time and date.

Hopefully you'll answer really soon Thanks in advance


   2014/04/10 14:09

Hi Per,

I have seen this on occasion with the Anaconda installer on RPi only.  It seems to be when you don't have an ethernet cable or a wifi dongle plugged in - which is a little baffling when the NIC hasn't even been configured. 

Plug a cable in - this will definitely be required if you selected NTP time.

You might have to re-flash your SD because some /etc config has been partially written and it still seems confused on retry,

You may also just be able to go back/forward over this and get lucky.  It's all a little inconsistent, but bash away until you get the correct settings combination ...






   Anonymous User
   2014/04/10 14:09

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