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BastionLinux™ in the Cloud

Cloud computing offers immediate and substantial benefit for implementors of Standard Operating Environment (SOE) infrastructure. This is the strength of the BastionLinux™ tool chain and we've over a decade expertise in it's delivery.

Cloud Build

Our RPMManager and RPMBuilder suites allow you to collate Linux/RPM's from your vendors and internal development teams and to consistently build and deploy arbitrary software stacks for your business.

We have a range of traditional PXE-based physical provisioning technologies, and have the OpenStack suite available for progressive datacentre operators.

Cloud Deploy

We have tools which allow you to bundle and deliver your server templates/images to a variety of popular public and private cloud platforms. These include AWS, Rackspace, VMWare, VirtualBox

We are participating in the AWS Solution Provider Programme and have public machine images available for your use here.

Cloud Manage

To monitor and capacity manage your cloud, we are vendors and service providers of Zenoss.

We are vendors and service providers of Crowbar and Chef for deploying and managing large-scale system configurations.

We use a wide variety of web-based and command-line tools to scale operations. These include Eucalyptus, knife, fog, and other open source leaders.