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Microsoft .NET goes Linux!

by Alan Milligan — last modified Oct 15, 2014 09:57 PM

Microsoft is not only embracing Open Source but making efforts to support .NET on Linux platforms

I don't normally follow Microsoft nor it's ecosystem, but in recent months it's been brought to my notice that some really big things are afoot here.  An excellent article here talks about their vNext initiatives which has a strong focus upon ensuring .NET payloads run on the Xamarin/Mono platform.

What make this very exciting is that our modern continuous integration, packaging and release management, configuration management, and monitoring now become immediately accessible for .NET payloads running in Mono.  .NET developers can retain their very good desktop tools, productivity suites, and practices and we can pick up these artifacts and cloud-scale deploy them across any public/private/hybrid platform.

And the best thing is that the technology is already here and does work!  We are running vanilla C# payloads on our Mono ...

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