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by Alan Milligan last modified Feb 26, 2015 05:42 AM


  • OSC/Enterprise
  • OS/Platform
  • VM/deb/rpm? omnibus build?
  • user/developer/administrator/puppeteer?


quick cookbook overview

chef server run (and debug mode) - ok - we have a chef server ...

netstat/monit/meminfo - explain BastionLinux/Chef

visually - Zenoss ...



  • Enterprise Chef/OSC (Ubuntu wtf?) - unlike Puppet - no Red Hat embrace ...
  • AWS/Marketplace
  • BastionLinux/Cloud Channel
  • omnibus is a train wreck (convenient for Opscode; non-native source - no relengineering; no support - wtf does Opscode know about PG, Erlang compared to RH)
  • clients/ecosystem - knife/plugins/berkshelf/ other Chef integrations: OpenStack recipes; OpenCrowbar baremetal; Foreman/Katello
  • bootstrap via gem for el-cheapo's ...


Backend Services

* overview of erlang

* storage - couchdb/postgresql http://localhost:5984/_utils (Couch scale / as does PG)

* search - expander/solr (10) (dedicated/optimised cloudscale text search -> simple ':' kv json parsing)

* convergence data - merb/erchef  (appalling ruby runtime; jruby; Puppet/scala; Erlang is cool; merb inextensible -> replaced/integrated with Rails; discuss debug run - smarts in the client)

* webui - merb -> rails/passenger -> nothing / (Enterprise Chef web interface)


10/11/12 What/why/what's in it for you?

  • 10 is/was scalable
  • 11/12 is all about a few big customers and driving to paid saas model - but someone *must* pay for Opscode (Puppet Labs, Zenoss et al are doing this too)
  • Opscode has had a couple of investment rounds designed at Enterprise focus: but nothing: RHEL recipes a mess ...
  • Erlang is uber cool: but slightly obscure: Opscode only had 2 developers - one of which now Platform Delivery Manager -> pace of development?
  • Lot of focus on big data/analytics -> chef client handlers; hosted only etc etc


Sponsor Chef12/Erchef12 + web interface with genuine roadmap


One last thing

who's been paying attention?  chef11 client to Chef 10 server ...