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How to participate

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2.  Flash wifidog to router

by Alan Milligan last modified Jun 16, 2013 07:42 AM

Share your home broadband and get free wifi

With the arrival of the NBN, it is likely that many homes will have an excess of broadband capacity (most do already) which could be shared.  In the past, efforts have been made to do this, but there is the perception that freeriders will steal your bandwidth.  We address this directly by providing a cloud-management solution for all participating users.

We are very interested in promoting community and sharing with this programme.  If people can be easily encouraged to share something as simple as their excess broadband, then hopefully they will look at other opportunities to create and participate in community efforts around them.

Create an account on and place your broadband wifi router under our control to let other user's in range to log onto your router and share your bandwidth.  When you are away from home and in range of another particpant, you can access and share their bandwidth.