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by Alan Milligan last modified Jun 23, 2013 12:47 PM

The team

Alan Milligan

Alan is our Enterprise Architect and by making the BastionLinux™ platform available, is providing much of the go-to-market behind  He has a lot of expertise in ISP/telecomunications and enterprise security applications around which major components of the system is based.  In addition, cloud monitoring, configuration, and management applications and skills are being employed here.

Marcelo Moises

Marcelo has a decade of experience in web development using PHP, Javascript, HTML and CSS, including the Symfony framework of our authentication server.  He is well familiarized with OO programming, MVC design pattern and widely used frameworks.


Peter Yardley

Peter has worked as a network administrator for the more than fifteen years. He has been a systems administrator for at least 20 years and during that time has worked with several flavours of UNIX as well as other operating systems such as VMS. He has also taught on subject such as 'Digital Electronics', 'VLSI', 'Computer Architecture', 'Operating Systems' and 'Unix & C'. He is currently employed as a Senior Network Administrator for the University of Technology, Sydney.  Peter has a keen interest in open source software and is actively engaged in writing and publishing his own open source network management tools.


Stephen Steneker

Stephen is a well-known figure in Sydney's Open Source scene, presently working at 10gen, the commercialisation arm of MongoDB.  He has wide-ranging expertise in wifi and associated technologies.