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Managed Big Data

We're excited to offer a full remotely managed Big Data installations, either in your datacentre or on a public cloud. It's very easy to participate in:

  1. get BastionLinux/Big Data applications and extensions/ecosystem from our channel
  2. set up this IP/host on our managed portal
  3. Set up your repositories/feeds/mirrors against us, Red Hat, SuSE, CentOS - or other RPM vendors
  4. Set up ELK, Grafana, R, etc
  5. sit back, enjoy full configuration management, patch and release management, system monitoring SLA management

BastionLinux/Big Data

by Alan Milligan last modified Jul 27, 2016 06:56 AM

ELK, Grafana, Cassandra, R, SciPy, Pandas and other big data/analytics on BastionLinux

BastionLinux ELK
  • Configuring

    Our Chef/Big Data recipes

  • Monitoring

    Monitoring big data applications

  • Procuring

    Purchasing and installing BastionLinux/Big Data applications

  • Running

    System administration and management of your BastionLinux system