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Managed Zenoss

We're excited to offer a full remotely managed Zenoss, either in your datacentre or on a public cloud. It's very easy to participate in:

  1. get BastionLinux/Zenoss and install all of your ZenPacks from our channel
  2. set up this IP/host on our managed portal
  3. migrate your old Zenoss (if you're not on BastionLinux or RHEL)
  4. sit back, enjoy full configuration management, patch and release management, system monitoring SLA management


by Alan Milligan last modified Mar 02, 2013 03:17 PM

Zenoss on BastionLinux

BastionLinux Zenoss Monitoring Channel

Zenoss is a very difficult beast to install and manage outside the carefully crafted VMWare solution downloadable from the vendor.  However, since we've been deploying sophisticated Zope solutions since well before Zenoss was even conceived, we have the only independent solution to this problem.  Our Zenoss channel is specifically designed around deploying Zenoss on BastionLinux (or Red Hat Enterprise Linux) in a manner which allows for patching, future releases, clustering, performance, and much more.

Our Zenoss packages are deployed on top of our battle-hardened Zope stack of about 200 RPM packages.  Zenoss itself, and the range of ZenPacks that we ship, isn't actually that much work.  However, Zenoss is embracing many more technologies (Java, RabbitMQ) and becoming much more difficult to manage.  That is why we believe we have a very compelling solution for you to actually keep your operational monitoring platform somewhere close to Zenoss's release cycle.

BastionLinux has been tracking Zenoss since 2.4, and we are regular community contributors not only in forums, but in ZenPack development.  We manage and maintain a range of ZenPacks including ZenPacks.lbn.ZopeMonitor, ZenPacks.lbn.LDAPMonitor, ZenPacks.oie.KannelMonitor, and some others too, such as ZenPacks.lbn.CouchDB and ZenPacks.lbn.Squid which aren't quite so public.

Not only this, but being Zope experts, we've a number of features that Zenoss doesn't ship with.  We use the Chameleon HTML rendering engine which offers a speedup of approx 20-50%.  We also incorporate Squid Proxy for Zentinel/web page acceleration.  We use monit to cleanly start and stop all Zenoss processes in a rigorous and appropriately dependency-managed way.  Our Zenoss scales out - controlled by you and your organisation's competencies - it's not an all-in-one virtual machine.  Not only this, but we can easily apply our existing Zope technologies to hook Zenoss into your Active Directory or LDAP infrastructure, or a range of other enterprise tools within your Zenoss.

We have the talent and skillset to architect, develop, and ship any complex Zenoss requirement your organisation might have.