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Managed .NET


We're excited to offer a full remotely managed .NET application servers, either in your datacentre or on a public cloud. It's very easy to participate in:

  1. setup/install your Mono/.NET Framework via our OpsCode/Chef recipes
  2. ensure your applications are available to our Zenoss Windows monitor (firewall and user access)
  3. sit back, enjoy full configuration management, patch and release management, system monitoring SLA management


by Alan Milligan last modified Oct 01, 2014 06:54 AM

Running Microsoft workloads on BastionLinux


Microsoft has built an amazingly popular ecosystem over the last two decades.  But it is rather a late arrival in the cloud marketplace and some of its licensing and practices can make large-scale deployment and management of Microsoft systems difficult and expensive.  Many of these concerns have been completely addressed in Linux environments with very mature tools for quite some time.


Our Mono Framework is 100% compatible with a very large proportion of modern Microsoft ASP/.NET applications.  We can pick up and run these workloads on BastionLinux with no additional software licensing requirements - and integrated with other Enterprise Linux systems (Apache, MySQL, PostgreSQL) for cloudscale deployments.


Your software developers still use their Microsoft tools (VisualStudio et al) to develop, and we can then take you all the way through build, test/continuous integration, to deployment on Linux - the absolute best of both worlds for productivity and cost.


All of our existing enterprise tools are Microsoft-aware and can be mixed and matched to give you a complete solution that includes your vendor mix, budget, risk profile, development and operations support capabilities and more.