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Managed OpenStack

We have developed a range of Chef recipes for end-to-end management of your corporate OpenStack implementation.  You'll be up and running - and fully in charge of your systems from day zero!


by Alan Milligan last modified May 10, 2013 03:19 PM

OpenStack on BastionLinux

OpenStack with BastionLinux

OpenStack is much more than a buzzword at Last Bastion Network.  All of our proven core infrastructure components are leveraged to create a unique OpenStack implementation which meets your organisation's requirements.

We use the Crowbar framework, developed by Dell, which fully integrates with our OpsCode/Chef stack for cloud automation.  Our RPM build and deploy toolchain is used with our Boxgrinder extensions to generate arbitrary PXE images for underlying server nodes, and also to upload server templates into OpenStack/glance.  Our system works for any flavour of RPM/Linux.

Performance monitoring of BastionLinux/OpenStack is with our mature Zenoss product range and the various ZenPacks needed for core OpenStack.  Depending upon your exact setup, these include ZenPacks for MySql, PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, libvirt and various HTTP service checks.

OpenStack is primarily written in the Python programming language.  We've been delivering Enterprise Python solutions for well over a decade and our BastionLinux brand has the most extensive list of Python packages of any distro - Python being the backbone of our Zope, Plone, and Zenoss offerings.  Our Crowbar framework is deployed atop of the same extensive Ruby programming stack that we've been shipping OpsCode/Chef with for three years now.  We have major inhouse expertise in these platforms and they are core to our entire product range.