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BastionLinux™ is available for a wide range of target platforms.  We do bare-metal, Amazon/EC2 (see here for images), VMWare, OpenBox, KVM, and much more.  Please contact us for details and getting started.


by Alan Milligan last modified Jun 11, 2016 04:07 AM

Purchasing and installing BastionLinux/Asterisk

The easiest way to start with BastionLinux™ is in a virtual environment - perhaps even modern best practice.  BastionLinux™ images for virtualisation platforms are available from our S3 Bucket.

To access additional software packages, patches and updates, you should create a login and procure a subscription to our VoIP Channel.  Online  statement and billing is managed within your login here.

Once you've stood up your BastionLinux Virtual Machine in your virtualisation manager, follow the running instructions to log in an manage your instance.