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by Alan Milligan last modified Oct 01, 2014 06:54 AM

Our Chef/Microsoft recipes

We sell and support Opscode/Chef and have an extensive range of recipes that deploy and configure our best-practice Mono/.NET. Our recipes evolve over time as the platform changes and technologies change, but that is the point. Our considerable expertise is commoditised and made available to you at an amazing price point.

Chef is leading the way with remote Microsoft management.  With our tools, not only can you manage your Microsoft on BastionLinux, but you can manage your Microsoft on Microsoft.  This includes physical/Hyper-V servers, IAAS platforms such as AWS and Microsofts own Azure cloud platform.

Our BastionLinux/Microsoft isn't a one-size fits all. Once you've registered your server (or Node in Chef-parlance), we have fantastic granularity to override and customise configuration specifically for you. If you have governance or risk requirements that preclude you from our Cloud-service, we can sell you our Chef and our Mono recipes for internal use and management. We even have systems in place to ship you updates to our recipes as we extend and enhance them over time.