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BastionLinux™ is available for a wide range of target platforms.  We do bare-metal, Amazon/EC2 (see here for images), VMWare, OpenBox, KVM, and much more.  Please contact us for details and getting started.


by Alan Milligan last modified Apr 07, 2014 08:48 AM

Accessing and installing BastionLinux/RPi Software

The easiest way to start with BastionLinux™ is in a virtual environment - perhaps even modern best practice.  BastionLinux™ images for virtualisation platforms are available from our S3 Bucket.

To access additional software packages, patches and updates, you should create a login

We are still contemplating the commercial landscape around RPi so for them moment are channels are invitation only.   But don't worry, this process is quite informal - simply post a ticket here telling us your login name and a line about what you'd like to achieve with BastionLinux/RPi.

Once you've stood up your BastionLinux Virtual Machine in your virtualisation manager, follow the running instructions to log in an manage your instance.

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