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Plone 4.1 AMI for Amazon EC2 available now!

by Alan Milligan last modified Sep 21, 2011 04:34 AM
We've just released an AWS machine image that gives you Enterprise Plone in the Cloud

We are pleased to announce our first publicly available Amazon Machine Image for you to instantly be running the latest Plone (4.1) on BastionLinux on Amazon EC2.

This image contains enterprise features such as watch-dog monitoring with monit, and a pre-configured SSL behind Apache HTTP to allow you to securely manage your Plone site.

Users may elect to upgrade to a paid BastionLinux subscription and then access all future Plone core software upgrades and our large catalogue of extension modules and products available on our Plone channel at  We have a channel sales programme around BastionLinux, so please do talk to us if you're in practice and have a number of customers who would benefit from this platform.

This release also contains features to allow us to offer remote systems management in the near future.  We will shortly be making announcements regarding our Zenoss monitoring service and our Chef configuration management service.

For full operating instructions, availability zope details etc, please visit our instruction page here.