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Plone 4.2 Released

by Alan Milligan last modified Jul 18, 2012 08:28 PM
We've now released Plone 4.2 on BastionLinux and RHEL6

Plone 4.2 is a minor release that includes several significant new features and many bug fixes, and offers a seamless upgrade from previous versions. Plone 4.2 includes two major new features: new collections and Diazo integration with

Official Plone 4.2 release notes can be found here.

We've also released and/or upgraded many other popular Plone extensions such as Ploneboard, webandmobile, Plone4Artists, PloneSoftwareCenter...

Plone 4.2, the above products and much more Zope and Plone is available on our plope channel here.

A big thanks to Eric Steele and the Plone release team for their efforts. 

Also thanks to the folk who maintain the Zope/ZTK and Zope/App KGS's.  This stack is also going to be used within our Zenoss 4 suite once Zenoss Inc make an official GA release announcement in the coming month or so.  Check out our ZopeMonitor ZenPack for enterprise monitoring of Zope and Plone application servers.

BastionLinux/Plone is available on Amazon Web Services/EC2.  Visit here for AMI's and instructions.  Enquire directly for our VMWare/vSphere images.